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1   Link   making an anemometer to measure wind speed
You can make this anemometer easily using cardboard and paper cups. Then, you can calibrate it by going in a car with it at different constant speeds. Then you can find answers to questions like:
1) What is the windiest time of the day during a week? Take measurements at an interval of every 5 minutes for 24 hours (use people in shifts) after picking what you consider to be the windiest spot in the campus. Analyse the graph and pick the windiest time of the day. For that time, take measurements every day for a week to find to check whether there is any major fluctuation in wind speeds.
Extension: Improve the anemometer to directly enable you to read the wind speed instead of having to calculate based on the calibration.
2   Link   Use the force of the air to propel a vehicle!
You can improve the design to look like a vehicle carrying stuff or people. You can put known masses, and see how far the balloon is able to transport the masses.
3   Link   Science Fair Project Links
This is a spreadsheet containing all the good science fair project weblinks. It keeps getting updated.
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