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1   Link   Physics Classroom
Excellent online physics course for high school level. It has plenty of worksheets and problem sets and multimedia assessments. The explanations are supported by GIF animations. Students can even work on assignments and their marks can get emailed to the teachers. Don't forget to explore every part of this website.
2   Link   Physics - Hippocampus
Excellent Animated Physics course at AP(Advanced Placement) level. Amazing that it's free! Covers all the topics of high school physics.
3   Link   HyperPhysics
Excellent physics course structured for easy navigation and conceptual understanding on the basis of CONCEPT MAPS.
Don't forget to explore the HYPERMATH, Video/Demo (physics videos), Chemistry, Geophysics and Biology links too.
4   Link   Light and Matter Series books
Excellent free physics books on:
1. Newtonian Physics
2. Conservation Laws
3. Vibrations and Waves
4. Electricity and Magnetism
5. Optics
6. The Modern Revolution in Physics
These books are available for free download as pdf or can be viewed online as webpages.
5   Link   MIT OpenCourseware
You can study at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S, for free from your home through this website! The world-famous physics professor Walter Lewin's lectures can be viewed and downloaded from this page.
The links containing the 'multimedia content' symbol have the lecture videos of Walter Lewin.
6   Link   Assess to learn Physics
Excellent collection of Assess To Learn type of multiple options correct MCQ questions on each physics topic.
7   Link   Khan Academy - physics lecture videos
Excellent lectures. I like the way he explains. Very useful for beginners in physics.
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