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List of Competitions!   (Engineering project competition to win $1000 for the school! Team of 4 members. Submit by 17 March 2017.

What’s the best way to teach Science? Don’t kill the wonder! Start with a HOOK!!

Next Generation Science Standards by Bozeman Science (Watching these will tell you how to learn science and how it should be taught.)

Map of Physics

Use Powtoons to make animated videos online for free

Create word games to introduce or revise keywords and definitions

NetLogo to create simulations and models

Simon Sinek on Millennials in the workplace – people raised to have instant gratification

Simon Sinek’s Top 10 Rules for Success

The psychology of EVIL – must watch for everyone to prepare for life so that when the moment comes, you act like a hero and not like a villain!

Ideas and Resources for Physics Research

Physics at KVIS

D Form (grade 7)

Practice 1:Asking Questions and Defining Problems by Bozeman Science

Practice 2: Developing and Using Models

Practice 3: Planning and Carrying out Investigations

practice 4: Analyzing and Interpreting Data


physics of ruben’s tube:

Ruben’s Tube

Ch4. Kinematics

Physics Classroom Interactive Assignment – Name that motion

Physics Classroom Interactive Assignment – Graph that motion

Watch videos 1 to 5 in this playlist from Khan Academy. (for detailed explanations)

Watch this crash course video for quick explanation. You may need to pause the video and rewind some times to absorb the material and understand it properly. 

Pendulum wave toy  (video of interesting motion)

Music of glass harp and pendulum waves (video of interesting motion)

C Form (grade 8)

Ch9. Electricity

How to make an electroscope by RimstarOrg

Inductive Charging using an electroscope by RimstarOrg

Excellent explanation of Electrostatics and Electroscope by Bozeman Science

Positive or negative? How to find charge of an object using an Electroscope? by Rimstar

Uses of Electrostatics

Uses of Electrostatics – Quiz

GCSE REVISION – All topics including Electrostatics

How capacitive touchscreens work  by ABC Splash

What’s in a candle flame?

AP Physics 1 Videos by Bozeman Science

AP Physics 2 Videos by Bozeman Science

Circuit construction kit from PHET

ch10 Energy

B Form (grade 9)

practice vernier calliper and screw gauge 01

practice vernier calliper 02

practice vernier calliper with zero error

vernier calliper worksheet

ch6. Heat and Energy

The Greenhouse Effect by Boseman Science

Global Climate Change by Boseman Science

Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming by Beverley Biology

Global Warming 101 by National Geographic

Global Warming by NASA

Greenhouse Effect by NASA Earth Observatory

Global Warming 101 (1 of 5) by FreshAir

Marble mantis – Stirling Heat Engine – no engine is 100% efficient

How Hoover Dam works (Hydroelectric power station)

How a Hydro Generator Works

How windmills work

ch7. Reflection of Light 

Excellent fun introduction to particle and wave theory of light by Floathead physics! Must watch!

Ray Diagrams for Mirrors explained beautifully by Bozeman Science


Ray Diagrams for Plane Mirrors

Simulation of reflection and refraction of light

Simulation of mirrors and lenses

Images formed by object placed between two inclined mirrors:

Take a printout of this mirror angles chart to try out the experiment and see the changing number of images as you change the angle between the two plane mirrors.

Images of multiple reflections for different angles between 2 plane mirrors.

*** video explanation by Physics Galaxy

Why does a mirror seem to invert left to right, but not top to bottom?

*** explanation

Simulation of Concave and Convex Mirror

Light taught by Byju’s (lengthy videos but explained in detailed from Indian Curriculum point of view)

ch9 Current Electricity

S5 Form (IB grade 11)

AP Physics Essentials by Bozeman Science

Physics Crash Course Videos which explain all the chapters quickly and clearly.

Explanation for Newton’s Cradle using conservation of momentum and kinetic energy

SC5 Form (IB grade 12)

Notes on Ch12 Quantum and Nuclear Physics (HL)

Photoelectric Effect PHET Simulation and the LAB Worksheet.

Photoelectric Effect Experiment can be performed in this Virtual Lab. So do it!

Photoelectric effect demonstration: photoelectric current vs kinetic energy of electrons emitted.

Easy to do demo of Photoelectric Effect. I haven’t tried it yet, but you can!

Zinc plate and Electroscope Demonstration of Photoelectric Effect by National Stem Centre

Photoelectric Effect Explanation by Brightstorm

Excellent discussion of Photoelectric Effect by Doc Schuster

Good explanation of photoelectric effect by Physics Galaxy

photoelectric effect explained by Pradeep Kshetrapal

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle and Virtual Particles

Shell model of Nucleus from Hyperphysics

Schrodinger’s Equation from Hyperphysics


Elementary Particle Physics

Beautiful Flowchart to understand all the elementary particles by Sean Carroll

Single Picture which encapsulates all the important elementary particles and the exchange particles which interact with them.

Feynman Diagrams Introduction by Quantum Diaries

Weak Interaction Feynman Diagrams by Cyberphysics   (draw Feynman diagrams online)

The Particle Adventure

How Feynman Diagrams almost saved space by Frank Wilczek  (extra reading for the curious, not for exams)

The basics of  the HIGGS Boson

Particle Fever – A documentary by CERN – fascinating insight into the lives of CERN scientists


Apparent Brightness and Luminosity and distance video by Carrie Fitzegerald  (her playlist contains a detailed Astrophysics Course!)

HR diagram video explanation by Carrie Fitzegerald

HR diagram explanation video by Cosmic Classroom

Hertzsprung Russell Diagram Explorer

hr-diagram-student-guide  (worksheet for above simulation)

HR diagram explanation by CSIRO website

Jupiter’s Moons and the speed of light – Astronomy Lab

Interesting IB Astrophysics Course by Ringo Dingrando

Excellent Astrophysics Video Course (even all topics of IB physics are covered) through solving past paper problems

Excellent IB Astrophysics Video Course by Cowen Physics

Detailed Astrophysics course by StudyNova

IB Astrophysics Course by Grant Volle

Challenging Problems for Competitive Exams

Exercises for Feynman Lectures on Physics


Math Proofs

Sin(A+B) and Cos(A+B) simple proof

Better Explained – Excellent math articles that explain beautifully