How to easily recall the ten qualities of the IB (International Baccalaureate) Learner Profile


The school where I work as a Physics Teacher (Sreenidhi International School), offers IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum. Many parents and students may wonder what is so special about this curriculum. This curriculum aims to develop certain qualities in the students and those qualities are clearly spelt out and their development is closely monitored through the assessment criteria in this curriculum. So it is very essential that both the teachers and students REMEMBER what these qualities are that the IB curriculum is geared to develop.

Well, the 10 qualities that the IB curriculum aims to develop in the student (also called, the IB Learner Profile) are:

1. Inquirer

2. Knowledgeable

3. Thinker

4. Communicator

5. Principled

6. Open-minded

7. Caring

8. Risk-taker

9. Balanced

10. Reflective

To know more about each of these qualities, you can click here.

In this article, my goal is to help you memorize these 10 qualities such that you will be able to recall them instantly. For example, if I ask you what is the seventh quality, you’ll be able to instantly recall that it is ‘caring’. Of course, the number sequence is of no significance in remembering the qualities, but it helps to keep track of the qualities when we periodically reflect and introspect on how much progress we have made in developing each of these qualities.

I shall use the Number-Rhyme scheme for memorizing the 10 qualities. Each of the numbers 1 to 10 is visualized as a shape that rhymes with it. Thus, 1 is bun. Similarly, 2-shoe, 3-tree, 4-door, 5-hive, 6-sticks, 7-heaven, 8-skate, 9-vine, 10-hen.

Now we need to visualize each quality very vividly using all our six senses like sight, sound, touch, taste, etc, and link that image with the image of the number  in a very funny way. Make the image connection as funny and exaggerated and impossible as possible, so that it will easily capture your attention and stick in your mind.

So let’s begin! When you wish to recall the 10 qualities, you’ll start with the image of the numbers in sequence. You’ll think like this: “Ok, the first quality is … 1… bun….”. So the image of bun will trigger the memory associations which will lead you to the quality linked to the number 1.

1. INQUIRER: When you put a huge. soft, tasty BUN in your mouth, it got stuck to your tongue and fell out of your mouth. It stretched out your tongue, so that it finally hung outside your mouth at around chest level, with your tongue and bun forming the shape of a HUGE question mark. The question mark reminds you of the quality INQUIRER!


2. KNOWLEDGEABLE: Your leather SHOE has so many flaps like pages of a BOOK, with lot of EQUATIONS written all over them. BOOKS and EQUATIONS remind you of KNOWLEDGEABLE! Spend some time reading through the pages of your SHOE-BOOK to make the memory association strong.









3. THINKER: The TREE is in the shape of the THINKING MAN! The green leaves form his hair, the tree trunk forms his body and branches form his feet and hands. THINKING MAN reminds you of the third quality – THINKER!









4. COMMUNICATOR: You’re locked up in a room with only a DOOR and no windows, and you can COMMUNICATE with the outside world only if you open  this DOOR. So 4-DOOR reminds you of COMMUNICATOR.









5. PRINCIPLED: Imagine that our principal is attacked by a swarm of bees. This would be such a shocking event that if you visualise it properly in your mind, you just cannot forget it! So, the moment you think of 5-HIVE, it’ll remind you of Principal and PRINCIPLED.









6. OPEN-MINDED: 6-STICKS reminds you of how you cracked OPEN the skull (MIND) of the vampire who attacked you yesterday. Imagine how you narrowly escaped from the near-death experience, and how the vampire nearly sunk its fangs into your neck. So, cracked OPEN skull of the vampire reminds you of OPEN-MINDED.









7.CARING: Imagine that you went to HEAVEN because you died in a CAR accident. The CAR accident happened because you did not CARE to stop at the red light. So that reminds you of the seventh quality – CARING.









8. RISK-TAKER: When you’re SKATING, you do a very RISKY manoeuvre – you cross the road in the air spinning like a helicopter with your legs perpendicular to each other, one vertical and the other horizontal. RISK reminds you of the eighth quality RISK-TAKER.









9. BALANCED: You’re doing a BALANCING ROPE act on a VINE tied between two tall sky-scrapers. VINE and BALANCING act reminds you of the ninth quality – BALANCED.









10. REFLECTIVE: A big fat HEN is furiously pecking at its REFLECTION in a mirror. The hen’s REFLECTION reminds you of the tenth quality – REFLECTIVE.








I sure have memorized the 10 qualities of the IB Learner Profile in the course of writing and illustrating this article! You can test me anytime, anywhere! What about you? Have you memorized them all, too?


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