Justice, my lord!


Gathering huge – included all members

Competed they, till the final embers.

But competed they though, still stumbled quite a few

And none could stumble as much as the humble ewe.


Though she spoke, a tremor clung to her voice

Which try as she might, spoiled all her poise.

Yet, to accept defeat had never been her forte.

Worse still, impatience was still His Highness’ forte.


Guffaws erupted from the rival camp

Which included all but the sole lone champ.

Enraged, His Highness soon stopped the humble ewe

And, oh! the timorous ewe, too soon took the cue.


Her eyes decided to take bath naked

Leaving doors open, tears unhindered.

A solar eclipse occurred, her knees went to sleep.

Curious, her eyes peeped out, and she fell, too weak.


The podium crashed, many ants were mashed.

Though few saved the ewe, all were cashed.

When the ewe finally came to, she protested.

When others acquiesced, her protest manifested.


“Justice, my lord, which forever I seek

Lack in your judgement, my lord! I no meek.”

“Shut up! And out of my wide-eyed sight before I

Get off with your muddy head to some place sky-high!”


And off with her head did go His Highness

But to a place as low as his harness.

Finally, I asked – “Is this Justice, my lord, oh!?”

And lo, jaws bare, he is pouncing on me, oh! No!

10th Nov 1995



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