Past, present and future


A puddle of water I beheld;

But an ocean to an ant,

A few drops to an elephant.

Strangely colourless and pure

As freshly fallen rain

Or newly fallen dew.


Imagining Time to be a long line

With no beginning and no end,

I started searching

For a point to mark the present.

And shall the point represent,

But the puddle of water I beheld?


Then I started waiting

For the Past and the Future.

As the Sun rose

And the chillness went,

The puddle started shrinking

And I began recording the changes.


The full puddle became the past,

The shrunk puddle the present.

The future I thought, would be

Just a depression on the ground.

As I lay shuddering at this prospect,

The puddle disappeared as I’d thought.


The Sun fell and the Moon came.

Tears welled up in my eyes.

Mourning the death of the puddle,

I slowly fell asleep.

Later, when chirping birds heralded

The coming morn, I woke up.


I gave one final look at the puddle

And, Holy stars! What did I see!?

The future had become the past

And the past was now the present.

The puddle was full again,

And so shall it be with everything else!

10th May 1996


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