The solution


When at home,

Like a dog would he bark

At his mother,

His father,

His brother.


At every issue

Demanding some patience,

His fuse would blow off

And his mouth would spew forth

Arrows, bullets, stones, fire….


Then, one morning,

He saw a girl.

And he fell in love,

As if by magic his tongue softened,

His mouth played like a harp.


Still smiling with the experience

Of being in love,

He rang the doorbell of his house

And saw their smiling faces

Turn gloomy on his arrival.


Only then, when love had coloured his heart,

When love had calmed the tempest

Raging in his mind,

Did his eyes wear a look of repent and sorrow

And he realized the goodness of the harp.

11th May 1996


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