To our adorable principal, on her birthday


Thinking of you on your birthday,

I, a student of your school

Under you for more than 2 years,

Feel a sense of respect, and gratitude.


Then comes the picture of the smile

You wear so oft and gracefully

Rewarding the performer if ever-trying,

Whose joy and pride now knows no bounds.


But then the second vision

Sends me cowering! Any place to hide?

For, it is the look of anger,

Which I feel you wear too soon.


When I question my love for you,

I get in answer the following:

You remember one and all

A true Karmayogi and you are.


Day in and day out you strive for success

Not for yours, but for ours

This I know, everyone knows

For, under you, we all tasted success.


A leader you are.

You made us aim at the stars

A baton, too, you are – a live baton!

For, aren’t we disciplined, and, with a grudge?


On your birthday, you must listen to us.

Though we be puny and you a giant,

Show us that face we all love,

Which has that inspiring smile

Not once, not twice, but for eternity.


written the day before the birthday of my school Principal Mrs. Hema Srinivasan in Bhaktavatsalam Vidyashram school, Chennai.




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