A cosmic ray was I, and free –

Racing through space and time, with glee.


Then, either God lost HIS mind,

Or I lost my mind –

He made this world just to torment me.


First he hid my dear Eve.

Then chained me with my body.

He blinded me with my eyes.

And killed me with my life.


I am cut off, chained, blinded, dead.

Time drags me through this cemetery.

The rotting corpses strip my pride

And rape my naked heart again –

Damnation, for crimes unknown to me.


Somebody, give me a map, to find my Eve.

Somebody, give me a hammer, to shatter my chains.

Somebody, give me a knife to blind my blindness.

Somebody, give me a fire to burn my corpse.

But who is this talking, and who is this listening,

Since corpses never talk, and nor do corpses listen?

8th August 1997



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