Please don’t graze the distant horizon..


Please don’t graze the distant horizon,

For me have some consideration.

Our friendship was a divine prediction,

Its logical end is our union.

From you I can’t bear any separation,

It will at once cause my elimination.

For you, my heart is full of devotion,

You are my life’s final destination.

Loving you is my main occupation,

To leave it is to die of starvation.

When will you stop your procrastination?

In my life it’s causing complication.

My life needs urgent simplification,

For that I need your kind benediction.

So kindly to what I say, please pay attention –

Your loving me is the need of the nation.

What I say is no exaggeration,

For it now I’ve no verification.

You must do some sincere meditation,

Carefully listen to your intuition.

It’s flooding you now – a new sensation,

It’s happening now – my recognition.

Declare your love now, take some prompt action.

It is never too late for correction.

With hard and rigorous application

And good use of my imagination

Mixing love, sacrifice, dedication

In every possible combination

I prepared this magic potion

To use it in my persuasion

To cause in you a reaction

That will yield the right solution

All for the sake of our salvation

And to avoid my needless damnation.

2nd March 1998


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