How to remember the 8 Ways of Knowing (WOK) in Theory of Knowledge (TOK)


I remember the 8 Ways of Knowing using the Number Rhyme Peg System as follows:

  1. One – Bun: The Bun is shining like the Sun. Sun reminds you of REASON.
  2. Two – Shoe: The shoe is in constant MOTION while you are walking or running. MOTION reminds you of EMOTION.
  3. Three – Tree: You remember the Talking Tree which used to whisper and talk to you and comfort you whenever you were feeling depressed. The talking tree reminds you of LANGUAGE.
  4. Four – Door: Once the doors are open, it enables the people inside the house to communicate with the outside world through their SENSE PERCEPTION.
  5. Five – Hive: Imagine a huge beehive, with each cell (compartment) in the beehive acting like a room in a TUITION centre. TUITION reminds you of INTUITION.
  6. Six – Sticks: Sticks have been used very imaginatively to build a model of the EIFFEL TOWER. This reminds you of IMAGINATION.
  7. Seven – Heaven: Only those who have FAITH in GOD can go to heaven.
  8. Eight – Skate: All the facts are skidding off from your MEMORY as if they are moving on roller skates.

    8 Ways Of Knowing


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