How to remember the Six Global Contexts in MYP (Middle Years Program)


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I remember the six Global Contexts in MYP curriculum using the memory peg system as follows:

  1. memory peg for ONE is BUN: Imagine a bun which has a face and hence a unique identity of its own. People from different backgrounds are having a relationship with the bun by eating pieces of it, or, by giving it love-bites! That reminds you of the first global context – IDENTITY AND RELATIONSHIPS.
  2. memory peg for TWO is SHOE: Imagine a shoe with a huge clock stuck on its top surface with the hour and minute hands made up of the shoe lace, moving round to show time. This shoe is snugly fitted inside a box. You notice that the shoe can fit only in the present orientation and won’t fit inside the box in any other orientation. That reminds you of the second global context – ORIENTATION IN TIME AND SPACE.
  3. memory peg for THREE is TREE: Imagine couples playing under the tree dressed in traditional dresses from different cultures, like tamil Brahmin, Japanese kimono, malayali kathakali, western mini skirt, etc. They are all expressing their love to each other personally and according to their cultures. This reminds you of the third global context – PERSONAL AND CULTURAL EXPRESSION.
  4. memory peg for FOUR is DOOR: The door is highly sophisticated, and automatically opens only when authorised personnel approach it, and remains closed when unauthorised people attempt to enter. You marvel at the intelligence behind this scientific and technical innovation. This reminds you of the fourth global context – SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL INNOVATION.
  5. memory peg for FIVE is HIVE: You see a huge beehive into which bees are entering carrying nectar from different parts of the globe. You wonder how long the bees can sustain themselves like this by collecting nectar, since the amount of greenery, parks and hence flowers is decreasing day by day. This reminds you of the fifth global context – GLOBALIZATION AND SUSTAINABILITY.
  6. memory peg for SIX is STICKS: A cop is beating the criminals with a stick. He is being fair and punishing the criminals. This will lead to the development of the city by reducing the crimes in the city. This reminds you of the sixth global context – FAIRNESS AND DEVELOPMENT.

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