How to make physics accessible to students deficient in Logical/Reasoning Intelligence?


Today I attended a presentation on Multiple Intelligences by my colleague Ms Ananda and I am convinced that I must do something to improve my current teaching strategies.











As you all know, I’m a physics teacher, and I realized that my current style of teaching in the classroom will appeal only to those students who are strong in the Logical/Mathematical intelligence and the Verbal/Linguistic intelligence. I’m sure in some of my classes, the majority of my students are not strong in these two intelligences which are important for learning physics. So I’m meeting with a lot of resistance from these students when I try to teach them physics. They don’t find the class interesting, even though my other students who are strong in logical and linguistic intelligence might rate the same class highly fascinating.

Awareness of the fact that different students have developed different intelligences to different extents makes me understand the students better. Now I’m able to empathise with them instead of just feeling frustrated and disappointed with them. I understand now that it’s not their fault if they don’t find my class interesting. I’m not speaking the language they understand or love to listen! So, as a teacher, I must speak in a language they will understand.

Now, the biggest challenge is, how do I address multiple intelligences in the same class at the same time? If I address them one by one, the others will get bored. I just don’t have sufficient time to complete the syllabus even in lecture mode.

Ok, first step is to know the strengths of my students, so that I can know the strengths of the majority of my students in each class. To get this information, I plan to take each of my classes to the computer lab, and make them complete this online assessment to evaluate their multiple intelligences. I’ll print their reports in pdf form and compile the data for each class.

Next, I’ll try to incorporate teaching strategies that will appeal to the intelligence type of the majority of my class. For those left out, I’ll have to address them individually somehow.

I’ll continue this article after implementing step 1.

See you soon!


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