How to create Activity Based Worksheets online for free?


In this article I’ll share with you various websites which I use to create activity-based worksheets for my students.

Most students nowadays don’t like lecture-based teaching. So, to capture their interest, we need to involve them in the lesson actively. So, a good strategy would be to give them worksheets as soon as you enter the class. If the worksheet is in the form of a game or puzzle, it would rouse their interest and keep them busy for a few minutes and bring their minds to the subject or topic to be discussed. After they have tried the worksheet for some time, you can give clues and teach whatever concepts are required to complete the worksheet. Thus, by the end of the class, at least you’ve ensured that they all thought about the concepts covered in the worksheet.

  1. Teaching Definitions through Unscramble the Sentence Worksheet: Many exams expect the students to recollect the exact statements of the definitions of various terms. Definitions need to be accurate and students cannot afford to miss any keywords in the definitions. This activity will make them think hard about the definition in an attempt to unscramble the jumbled words and arrange them to make sense. Thus, they’ll remember the definition better. Check out the worksheets I created using this webpage, by clicking on  ‘Useful Weblinks’ and then clicking on ‘Physics Assignments for 10 ICSE’.
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