My poem to celebrate my wedding


We’ve traveled a long journey on parallel tracksTrainTracks
Catching fleeting glimpses of each other
When no trees or buildings obstructed our view.
We kept hoping that our tracks will meet someday.
We kept hoping that we’ll stop at the same station
At the same time, some day, and meet each other.
We knew that the time will surely come
When we shall travel by the same train together.
And now finally, the time has come to share the same berth
On the same train towards a common destination!

Many times we panicked when our trains seemed
To be heading in different directions
Taking us farther away from each other.
Yet, like quantum entangled particles, we remained
In touch always, living in each other’s mind.
Space and time could not prevent us
From being together in our dreams daily.
By our sheer will power we steered the trains
To stay on course until we finally met.

The long wait had its share of ups and downs.
When I look back on all that has happened so far,
I have no regrets. I am sure, you too have none.
We have suffered a lot and you have sacrificed a lot
To make this moment happen.
And this moment is worth all of it.
All the wounds have healed.
All the pain has disappeared.
Now we shall be together till our last breaths.
Now nobody shall wish to separate us anymore.
Now there will be no more barriers between us.


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