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The students of Sreenidhi International School, set up this website on the occasion of World Population Day (it’s on the 7th of July), where we can share our ideas on how every individual can contribute to make the world a better place. If all of us share the good things that we’ve done and describe the benefits that we’ve experienced by doing good things, it will inspire others to follow our example. I wrote this piece as my contribution to the website. So, I would like to first appreciate the people who took the initiative to implement this novel idea of making everyone reflect on all the good things they’ve done.

The very idea that since there are 7 billion people on this planet, even if each one of us did just one good act a day, it would result in 7 billion acts of goodness in a single day seems staggering! If this really happened, the world would transform beyond recognition! It might very well set a chain-reaction of goodness (not unlike the nuclear fission chain reaction!) leading to a powerful explosion that might pulverise and eradicate all traces of badness or evil from this planet.

One just needs to understand the power in numbers. Miracles and seemingly impossible things can be achieved if large numbers are supported by coordination and unity. Honey is produced by the coordinated and united work of thousands of bees. Huge termite hills (a marvel of achitecture) are built by the coordinated and united work of thousands of termites. Electricity can do all the miraculous feats because all the electrons move in the same direction under the guidance of the electric field provided by the potential difference. If the same set of electrons move in an uncoordinated manner and in random directions, the net current would be zero and no work can be done by such a collection of electrons however energetic they may be.

So, on world population day, my request is for all of us to coordinate and use our power of numbers to transform this world and make it a better place for everyone. No task is impossible if 7 billion minds put their mind to it. The challenge is only in coordinating the 7 billion minds. I believe that the internet provides an ideal platform for the sharing of ideas among a limitless number of people and hence this hurdle of coordinating 7 billion minds can also be overcome if some thought is put to it.

Let me suggest some ways in which we might coordinate the 7 billion minds to make the world a better place:

GOAL 1: Provide good education to every child on the planet:

1. A website can be created, where every school (or education provider) updates its location, and admission details and fee structure and vacancies in each classroom.

2. Any student who is unable to fund his/her education can enter his/her contact details, details of his/her parents’ income, his/her academic records, interested streams of higher study, etc. There will be a pre-designed template of questionnaire which has to be filled by all the education service providers and education seekers.

3. Third category will be the Education sponsors: Those who wish to donate some money to charity can just donate the money online to this education fund. They will have the option of browsing through the profiles of all the education seekers and they’ll be able to see how much percentage of the fees each student has already procured and the balance which is yet to be paid. When the donor picks a student and makes his contribution, the website will automatically show the updated fee balance. If a donor doesn’t want to be bothered with selecting the student, he/she can just donate the money to the fund. The software will automatically transfer the money to the student who needs it most (based on academic merit, etc. ) and display how the money made a difference in a student’s life. So the donor gets the satisfaction of experiencing how he/she made the world a better place almost immediately.

4. The home page will show the live update of how many students are still in need of money to continue their education and even if each person donates 1 dollar online, the education fund will grow by 1 billion dollars in an instant. Of course, a vast majority are below the poverty line, and so we can’t expect each of the 1 billion to donate 1 dollar, but still if whoever has the capability to donate, can donate to their capacity, I’m sure no child will be left behind without education.

Knowledge is power. So if we give education to every child, we empower the child and he/she will automatically take care of himself/herself when he/she grows up and conduct himself/herself in a productive manner and automatically make the world a better place.

With this idea only I’ve started my website freegyan.org. I plan to put up as many educational resources as possible for free on this website so that students can benefit from it. I conduct online classes to clear the doubts of students wherever they may be in this world. Of course time is a constraint in conducting live classes. So I’m planning to put up recorded classes of all the concepts of physics. Already such websites are available in plenty, like the MIT OpenCourseWare, http://www.khanacademy.org/, etc. Still, there’s no harm in making our own additions to the available resources!

As a teacher, the good I’ve done to society is by trying my best to make a difference in every student I get to teach. I try my best to clear the doubts of all my students. I try my best to motivate them and inspire them to excel in their studies and achieve their true potential.

The satisfaction of teaching is incomparable when the connection happens between a good teacher and a good student. It reminds me of how I used to feed a baby squirrel which I had rescued from the road. When I found the baby squirrel, I first tried to feed it milk using a plastic syringe (without the needle of course). It used to turn its mouth away in disgust. I tried mixing some sugar to the milk – same result, only this time it turned its head away in the opposite direction. Next I tried giving it cerelac. Again same result! Completely frustrated and vexed, I asked Mr. Google how to feed a baby squirrel. And the ‘One Who Knows Everything’ gave the magical answer – feed it warm water in which some salt and sugar is added. When I tried it, the baby squirrel just grabbed the tip of the plastic syringe with both its tiny hands and almost swallowed the syringe tip in its hurry to gobble the contents of the syringe! The joy and pleasure I experienced when it emptied the syringe in no time remains near the top of my list of most pleasurable moments in my life. The pleasure a teacher gets when he gets a student who similarly gobbles up all that the teacher has to offer is very similar! I’ve had many such students in the past and I’m sure to have many more such students. So let’s spread free education and experience the joy of teaching and empowering the next generation!



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