Which is the most memorable sound that you’ve ever heard, and why?


I gave this writing task to my students of 7 MYP, and never imagined that it would be such an eye opener! The MYP curriculum requires us to do away with the conventional form of teaching which I had been doing all these years – which is to just teach the subject content, directly. Instead, the MYP curriculum demands that as teachers, we plan each lesson very carefully to make it a memorable learning experience for the students. The student should experience each lesson through a real-life context and should be able to relate it to his prior experience and should understand the purpose and importance of the lesson. Assessments should not just be of the written exam type, but instead be through all possible ways of expression.

Thus, I came up with the idea of starting my physics lesson on Sound and Light with this writing task to get my students warmed up to the idea of learning about sound first. Their responses can be read here:


It was a great eye-opener for me to read their responses. I never imagined that my 7th grade students are so sensitive, receptive, observant, nature-loving, expressive, communicative, and nature-loving.

It makes us realize that we owe it to them to preserve the beauty of nature, and drives home the urgency of preserving the natural life around us, like the birds and the insects. How many of us remember hearing and admiring the bird songs, chirping insects, flowing water, etc?

We also realize that sports and the thrills and joys of success that it provides can be invaluable for a child and many have mentioned the joyful screams of victory and the sounds of applause as the most memorable sound they’ve ever heard.

I’m thrilled to note that my grade 7 students took up the written task with so much interest and sincerity and have spent a good amount of time reflecting deeply to identify the most memorable sound of their life so far. How many of us adults would be able to do that now? How many of us can take a pause from our busy and hectic life, and reflect and share our experience of the most memorable sound of our life?

If you can, then please share it at: http://goo.gl/91rDgB

You can read the responses of others here: http://goo.gl/z0jgv0